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Night time naughty talk

This is completely and totally random. I was lying in bed thinking about how my diary name came to be all those years ago and how the sexual encounter that created the name did not deserve a whole diary named after it! Sex on a table came from Big Penis Joe....I know there's some entry about that! Way wayyyyy back in the beginning. The sex was not in fact on a table but my head kept hitting my Grandma's coffee table because it was in her livingroom while she was out. It didn't last long and though he had a giant penis it wasn't that great. Do not ask why I was just pondering this when I'm supposed to be going to sleep. But I was... when it came time to pick a diary name I believe Mat blurted out sex on a table and so it came to be.

Anyway hello diary.

I try to get back to see you now and again and to give you updates on my boring old lady life. Tomorrow my guy is moving in. We are house hunting so we are hoping we won't be here to long.

Since I started this diary the old fashioned way talking about sex. Let me tell you about sex with this man. I swear... I absolutely swear the sex is the best I have ever had hands down in my lifeeeee!!!! And I have had a lot of sex. Keith used to be my reigning champ. I never thought I would have a connection sexually or have sex as good. Not ever. But lord let me tell you. Maybe it's because he has a Keith Penis. I swear to you!!! Again Keith's penis was my all time favorite and I thought it was perfect. Um his looks very similar and even has the same freckle!! Apparently I have a dick type because I cannot keep myself from just wanting to suck it all the time! It's so beautiful!!! The sex though. I cannot count the number of times I cum and there are times when my body shakes and I know I'm screaming so loud the whole neighborhood is looking around. Uh! I just do not know how after all this time. After all these years I found such a great guy whos perfect for me and also has a perfect penis and gives me the best sex! It is fucking amazing! Oh and he has a beard and well....that in itself is amazing. I have finally been blessed by the sex God's. They see all the hard work I put in. This is my treat.

Other than boy wonder things are pretty great I think. I'm getting old and trying to take care of all these Dr and dentist and eye appointments and stuff. Like why doesn't anyone say to you when you are in your 20s hey.... you should take care of yourself so it doesn't get so damn expensive later? Seriously there just needs to be a grown up class. I say it all the time. This shit is stupid. Well that's all I got. I just thought I'd share an update. I'll be back someday with another one. It seems it's always some random night when I think of my diary and decide to go for a walk down memory lane.

If you are new to my diary refer to old entries for info. Keith is there... a lot... from our first sexual encounter to him passing away. He was a big deal.
Also Joe is in there somewhere I just know it!

11:32 p.m. - 2023-05-03


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