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Middle age juice

Omg!!!! I can't sleep so here I am reading random old entries....and I looked at my join date. On the 20th it has been 20 YEARS!!!!! OMG!!!!! I AM OLD! It's hilarious to see how old I thought I was when I was like 16....yeah....calling BS on that now.

Hmm.... not much new to tell. Same guy. Same situation. Deadline creeping. It's at the end of this month. Since my last entry I guess some things have changed between us. He said I love you. We call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. This may not seem like a big deal but for this dude it is. He isn't good with feelings so these are huge things. Still not 100% sure what will happen but we will see.

I really hope that it works out. It's been such a long road. I have been through so much and lord knows a whole Lotta men's! But things with us just work. It's very mature but still silly. He brings me out of my comfort zone and loves adventuring with me which is kind of a big deal for me.

I'll let you in on some juice cause it's been a minute. As we all know Keith has always always been the best sex of my life. Favorite dick of all time! Always no one has ever been able to top either until now. Let me tell you! This man has the most perfect penis! Similar to Keith's which may be why I enjoy it.I. I apparently have a dick type. The sex is out of this world! I had an orgasm from kissing!!! I have never in my life!!!!! Maybe... I might be wrong...this may have happened one other time with Jerry but it wasn't like this one I do know that. We are so into each other that it's so hot. This is how I know there are parts of the old me here. This girl has still got it and she is still about some sex!!!

That is all for now!

12:46 a.m. - 2022-02-10


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