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15 Years later here I am....

FINALLY!!! I am so sorry for the wait. I have been working constantly and have not turned on my computer in forever!! Anyway, no children, just us. We have decided not to have kids. I prefer to be an amazing Aunt to Lucinda's adorable baby!! He is my favorite!!! I love being a mimi to him. It's far more rewarding than having children of my own. I have decided I would rather be selfish and travel and do what I want. Thing's are good for Ralph. He does a fine job of putting up with me which isn't an easy job. Something sad happened on June 16th. Jerry died :( My married old man. I mean not mine any more lol. But you know what I mean. I was shocked and sad. The oddest thing is Jimmy his step son messaged me like hours after it happened. Which I thought was nice that someone let me know before I found out via fb. It's hard. He was my first real love. I have been having dreams about him which makes it harder. I made Ralph promise me he wouldn't die since the other two people I loved died! Other than that sadness I have been working. I have a full time grown up job. I just hit my one year a few days ago there, and I still work a couple days a week at Kmart because I bought a car!! Yes 30 years old and I have my first car loan!! Being a grown up is interesting. I have changed a lot since I met Ralph which is a good thing. It was time I suppose. I guess that is all for now. Sorry I am lame!! I will try and keep you updated more. I can't believe I have had this for 15 years!!!!! It's my longest commitment hehehe..... Sometimes I wish I was that 15 year old girl again off being crazy with my old men... I sure had a lot of fun back then...Hopefully I have more fun to come!!

12:09 a.m. - 2016-08-02


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